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Our Advantage

Successful investment in the financial markets requires knowledge, skill and dedication. Our investment team is here to help simplify today's complexity into a comprehensive plan. Your portfolio is optimized to fit your own unique needs and risk profile.  Our investment process is consistently applied across your portfolio to build your wealth. 

Global Investors


In today's connected world, capital markets are truly global. An understanding of regional markets, institutions and economic frameworks is essential. Investors need to be willing to look globally for opportunities yet understand the risks and idiosyncrasies of each country. 



As an independent advisor, we offer our clients unbiased advice. We have no funds to promote and we don't make money on commissions, rebates, or trailer fees. Our commitment is to our clients and their success is the only metric we focus on. 


Absolute Returns​​


Our goal is to ensure our clients can meet their own objectives. We focus on maintaining wealth and growing it in a reasonable matter and we pay particular attention to avoiding permanent drawdowns.



Finding great opportunities doesn't happen all the time, thefore you have to be prepared to act when they become available. We monitor the capital markets for potential opportunities and risks. When  we find an opportunity, understand the thesis behind it and and the reasons why it is presented currently, we make decisions and take action. 

Long-Term Investors​​


We take a long-term view with your financial plan and all of our investments. Short-term, the financial markets are very unpredictable and seemingly random. However longer-term, concepts like value investing, fundamental analysis, diversification and risk management help build your wealth.

Hidden Risks


Whether it is through portfolio construction or monitoring macro economic trends, we pay attention to risks before they make it to the front page. We review many potential investments and only a limited number make it into our portfolios because sometimes the best decisions are the investments you didn't buy. 

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